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How To Handstand

You place your hands on the ground, kick up, thanks for coming to my ted talk… Anyways, lets get right into it: PREREQUISITES Shoulder flexibility – Having the ability to extend your arms straight above your head in line with your body. Wrist flexibility – Having the ability to flex your wrist backwards at aContinue reading “How To Handstand”

Stay. In. The. Fight.

You broke your diet, skipped your gym day, mentally broke and ate some of that free pizza that your boss brought in for lunch. The topic today is how to get back on the horse and not let a small misadventure snowball into a greater problem of regret, shame and further lapses in discipline. WeContinue reading “Stay. In. The. Fight.”

Experiment On Yourself.

You may be reading this article after having stumbled upon our YouTube videos, or maybe even google gave us some love with their algorithm. Either way, you are searching for some type of fitness or diet content that will give you knowledge or information conducive to your goals. When searching for information about any topic,Continue reading “Experiment On Yourself.”

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